Construction Contract Drafting

Oil & Gas and Construction Contracts

In both the world of oil and gas work and construction work it is critical to accurately identify who pays if someone is injured or killed or someone‚Äôs property is damaged during the ongoing operations or at times thereafter.  For that reason the contract wording between the parties is critical.  The Gaddis Law Firm assists both oil and gas entities and construction contractors in drafting contracts that will identify who pays under those circumstances.  These areas of the contracts are known as Indemnification and Insurance Requirement provisions.  This area is usually one of much litigation following a serious accident and both the statutory laws and the common law are put under heavy analysis.  Whether the contracts are being drafted for an oil and gas operation, general contractor, or property owner, Gaddis & Associates creates Master Service Agreements and other long term agreements as is necessary under the circumstances.  In addition, The Gaddis Law Firm negotiates single project contracts for those same entities.

On the other side of the contract The Gaddis Law Firm negotiates  contracts for the independent contractors and subcontractors.

Business Entity Contracts

In addition, The Gaddis Law Firm negotiates certain types of business contracts, some being between two insurance related entities and others being between two non-insurance related entities.  These contracts usually involve the purchase and sell of a business or business assets.  They also often involve sales related contracts with Non-Competition and Non-Piracy provisions.